Monday, July 2, 2012

Secret Attraction in Northern California

The Coolest place in Sacramento is right here. 
You will need an invite but it's not a problem, just call or email artist/writer/wonk, Farrell Hamann

Phone: 916-641-7696

350 square feet of museum quality fine art
There is more inside the home/studio

Event planners should take an interest in this unique collection.
Part of it is set up so you don't even have to get out of your car if you don't want (you can though)
Just off Hurly in Sacramento, near the Kitchen 
Great place to bring the bored CEO or tycoon

Also available as consultant

Magnificent Gold Monument Sculpture

The amazingly smart and worldly artist and writer, Farrell Hamann
Available as a consultant/generalist.

Part of the Castle Village Collection with single source lighting (the sun)

What's this? Just fan mail from a nice woman named Anthrax
funny white power that tastes like mushrooms. Very thoughtful..

Even though the tasty white powder from Ann Thrax was delicious, it didn't exactly agree with me.
But I recovered as you will see below. Muhahahaha

 See? fully recovered

Naked artist in bath tub

Part of my famous mosaic egg collection
Much televised
"Unique collection" the J. Paul Getty Museum

If you want to join the Art Club, let me know. So far there are no formal requirements, I'm just making stuff up as I go. Bohemian Art Club of Northern California sounds nice. How about Tycoon's Club of California?

The unexpected and very cool

Second Saturday Art Walk in Sacramento, California (except you can come any day of the week by appointment, drive right up and there it is... ) Someone could view the art collection from the car and you can bring the dog)
Second Saturday Art Tour (everyday!) and drive right up! 

 Homemade boxer shorts. High thread count, recycled cotton

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